Strengthen your gut health

And ease up your autoimmune symptoms with the Prebiotics health benefits of Tiger nuts.


The World’s best source
of Prebiotics

Our tiger nuts butters deliver optimal gut health support with the prebiotic benefits of Tiger nuts whether on AIP or Paleo compliant diet.

Our main ingredient: Tiger nuts, is a super food, allergen free, and NOT a nut. Coconut and  Avocado oil.


Perfect for AIP dishes


Helps you
get Into shape

Why us?

We take a holistic approach to digestive health 

At Paleo Tiger, we take a holistic approach to gut health, with the health benefits of Tiger nuts that you can incorporate in all your AIP dishes, thus easing up your autoimmune symptoms, strengthening your health and energy.

Strengthen your gut

Tiger nuts, a rich source of fiber, resistant starch also known as prebiotics , is the perfect food for your digestive system.



All Natural
0 grams

of fibers in 100g of tiger nuts

Raw Tiger nuts
Raw Tiger nuts

Allergen free, Autoimmune protocol and Paleo compliant

Despite its name tiger nut, the superfood is a root vegetable. Tiger nuts are sweet and chewy, with a coconut and almond flavor.  This root vegetable is perfect for the Autoimmune and Paleo  diet. Since tiger nuts does not contain allergens found in nuts that triggers peanut and other tree nuts allergies, it is fairly safe to eat it.

Increases metabolism and immuinty booster.

Decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body.

Helps in treating intestinal problems.

Very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Paleo Tiger Tiger nut butter

Improve your digestive health and start feeling great.

Tiger nuts improves your digestion in many ways:

  • The prebiotics found in Tiger nuts fertilize the good bacteria in your gut.
  • Tiger nuts reduces digestive issues like stomach pain, heartburn, and bloating after eating.
  • The important amount of dietary fiber content in tiger nuts helps you feel full longer and could help you in your weight loss journey.


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