Tiger nuts butter

Tiger nuts butter is the new allergen free and great tasting spread. Do you get tired of eating the same food for breakfast while on the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) or Paleo diet? Look no further. Paleo Tiger is introducing its original tiger nut butter that will break that routine of eating the same food for breakfast.

Taste of tiger nuts butter

Naturally sweet and nut free, you will not miss the taste of other nuts butter. Tiger nuts are loaded with prebiotics, also known as resistant starches, that fuel the good bacteria in your digestive system to give you the optimal digestive health.

Despites its names, Tiger nuts, Chufa, or Cyperus Esculentus is not a nut, but a nutsedge or a root vegetable. The superfood has a high profile of vitamins and mineral beneficial to our digestive tract, cholesterol, heart health, immune system for the defense mechanisms of our bodies as well as libido.

Ingredients in tiger nuts butters

Our carefully picked ingredients include avocado oil and coconut butter. Avocado oil is known as a healthy fat and will help your body absorb nutrient and minerals. Coconut oil on the other hand, helps lower bad cholesterol, and fight bacteria. There you have it. Three superfoods perfectly balance for your ell being. Paleo Tiger takes a holistic approach to autoimmune and chronic condition with the power of food rather than medication that you can incorporate in all your dishes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert that the whole family will enjoy, from picky eaters to the ones with nuts allergies. You might ask yourself why avocado and coconut oils.  nutritious dense food designed to help you thrive in your diet and enjoyed by people suffering with digestive issues.

Features of Tiger nuts butter:

  • A great tasting and versatile spread for breakfast as nut butter replacement for a sandwich or a health snack to go with fruits with a nutty taste that is nut free
  • Contains no added sugar, no preservative, but is naturally sweet.
  • You will love the creamy consistency and sweet taste with soft coconut notes from the oil.
  • The creamy Tiger nuts butter is a great addition to breakfast treats like smoothies, fruits, paleo bread, favorite snacks, and it is also a delicious and unique ingredient in desserts like cookies
  • Taste: sweet, nutty, creamy

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