How to eat tiger nut?

QuestionsHow to eat tiger nut?
Paleo Tiger Staff asked 3 years ago

Everyone needs to eat in order to have energy to live a quality life. If you are an active person, who enjoys running or any other type of sport, or you are just a person who keeps track of what you give your body you surely know superfoods that are rich in protein and don’t have many calories. If you are interested in super foods, and being full while eating healthy then tiger nuts are a thing to consider. There name might sound a little bit suspicious to you, but they got their name because of how they look, their striped texture.

If you are not familiar with the tiger nuts, and you want to learn what these are, what are their benefits and most importantly, how to eat tiger nuts then this article is for you.

What are tiger nuts?

They are a superfood that unlike other nuts that grow on threes or bushes, these grow like a root underneath the ground. The plant is actually like a tall grass and if you see it, you wouldn’t believe that it grows food that provides many benefits for  people that are consuming them. They got their name because of their visual presentation of their texture that resembles the tiger stripes. When eating them, you will see that they are on the softer side and have a taste like nuts that yoqu have tried before.

Benefits of eating them

Why are the tiger nuts a superfood? Well, they are rich with nutrients that are really important for our well-being. They are rich in protein so they are great for anyone who is trying to be in better shape and trains regularly. Most importantly it is a protein that vegans can use because their diet lacks them. Also, they are good for our stomach because they are rich in fiber and that is really important these days when we eat mostly processed food that has no fiber in it.

They are great because they are preventing cardiac arrests and other diseases with lowering the lipid levels, and boosting the good lipids. They are also rich in minerals that are important for us like for an example the calcium. With that being said, they are great for children because they need calcium the most. Having this much benefits will make you try them immediately and if you don’t know how to eat tiger nuts, the next paragraph is for you.

How to eat them

How to eat tiger nuts might seem like a difficult thing to understand but they are actually really easy to implement in your diet. There are many recipes that you can find online or your friends may tell you some. You can put them in your oatmeal combined with other seeds to increase the health benefits of the most important meal of the day, the breakfast. Keep in mind that you need to calculate how much fiber you ingest because eating too much might cause a digestive problem.

There are also other ways on how to eat tiger nuts. You can eat them like a snack ready as they are, not prepared at all. You can have them implemented in flour so you can make every recipe that you know that contains flour like pancakes, bread etc. You can also buy them like a tiger nut milk, so you can add it to recipes that contain milk in them.