Where to buy tiger nuts?

QuestionsWhere to buy tiger nuts?
Paleo Tiger Staff asked 3 years ago

If you are looking for a way to improve your diet, you are surely searching for best products to eat while trying to lose weight or trying to build muscle. When it comes to dieting, that doesn’t mean that you will need to be hungry until you reach your goals, that means that you have to eat good quality foods, that have lower calories and many nutrients to fill you up well.

Looking for that, you might run into a problem if you are being vegan because mostly the protein source foods are animal origin. Well, you might be lucky because the tiger nuts are food of plant origin that is a great protein source.

If you want to learn more about them and most importantly to know how to find them and where to buy tiger nuts, this article is for you.

What are they?

Tiger foods are actually a food that grows under the ground like a root to a plant that looks like grass. They have a spherical shape and a size of a centimeter. They got their name because of their looks. They have a texture that has stripes on them that resembles to the one of the tigers. Actually, they look identical as chickpeas just with stripes on. When eating them, they are not that hard, and have more of a soft bite to them.

Why are they good for you?

They are rich in protein, fiber and other microelements like calcium and potassium, that are essential for our well-being. The protein is beneficial for our functioning even if you are not working out. But in case you do, it is important for muscle building and losing weight simultaneously. The fiber improves our digestion since we don’t ingest enough fiber with the other food we eat.

An interesting thing to know is that it is not good to eat less but also it is not good to eat a lot of fiber. Keep this in mind when planning you diet because too much fiber can cause digestive problems. The microelements that the tiger nut has are important for everyone, the calcium is essential for our bones, the potassium is important for the muscles and nerves. The one last thing that you need to know is where to buy tiger nuts.

Where to buy them?

You might thing that this is a rare superfood that can’t be found in your market but that is actually not true. If you are asking yourself where to buy tiger nuts the answer is in almost every store that sells healthy food. First you can check in your local supermarket in the healthy food section. In case you don’t find them there, go to your local healthy food store and you will find them there. There can be sold dehydrated, raw or infused in milk. There is also a flour that can be made from tiger nut and that can be used to make your favorite recipes, just much healthier.